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EVO BOX: much bought, much used

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This supermarket chain is a loyal customer that has been offering a personalised EVO BOX in their stores for years. Customers can shop efficiently and take their groceries home in a convenient way without plastic bags. When folded up, the box takes up hardly any space and is always ready in your car or home for the next shopping trip.

Campaign: 200,000 free folding boxes

This supermarket chain organised an interesting campaign to launch a new home brand: for 2 weeks, customers received a free personalised folding box when they purchased 25 euros of home brand products.

During this very successful campaign, 200,000 boxes were given away. The campaign ran so far beyond expectations that supplies soon ran out. Distrifund quickly delivered new EVO BOXES, and customers received a voucher to pick up their folding box later.

Our EVO BOX is a much-sold and also a much-used product I regularly see people walking around with our folding box, including in other shops.