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Clean, cleaner, cleanest

Time for spring cleaning!

We clean all year round, but we hardly get around to a thorough big clean. Still, there are good reasons to go all the way at least once a year.

Dust and dirt clog the space. This can attract pests, cause allergies, ... Spring cleaning is the perfect opportunity to freshen up your entire home so you can start summer without any worries. Keep your mops, microfibre cloths and sponges at the ready and they we go for it.

It is particularly important that you get to the things you don't clean very often: under the stairs, on and inside cupboards, behind radiators.

Use with ecological products as much as you can. For example, did you know that baking soda with some lemon juice will make your taps shine again in no time?

Also make sure you have the necessary protection, such as gloves and a mouth mask. Open your windows and doors wide, put some catchy music and enjoy a clean home more than ever.

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